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Workshops, Symposia and Events

IRAC regularly creates workgroups to bring together interested agencies to address a particular risk assessment issue or challenge. Workgroups and their products, which may include recommendations, white papers, or roundtable meetings, are listed below.

Symposia and events organized by IRAC, along with any public meeting materials, are listed below:

Seminar: New Risk Assessment Tools on Co-Sponsored by USDA ORACBA/IRAC/NCA SRA
Washington, DC
July 15, 2014

Risk Analysis: Advancing Analysis Workshop Co-Sponsored by USDA ORACBA/IRAC/NCA SRA
Washington, DC
June 18, 2013

Interagency Risk Assessment - Listeria monocytogenes in Retail Delicatessens
Washington, DC
May 22, 2013
Notice of Public Meeting (Published April 23, 2013)

Joint CAFPA/IRAC Symposium
College Park, MD
September 27, 2012

Making a Difference: Data Collection for Risk Assessments through Innovative Approaches
Providence, Rhode Island
July 23, 2012

Workshop on Chemical Food Safety Risk Assessment
FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
College Park, MD
June 14, 2012
Chemical Food Safety Issues and Food Allergies in Schools - Stephanie Mickelson
Dietary Exposure Assessment Activities at U.S. EPA's Office Pesticide Programs - Aaron Niman
NIFA Funded Research on Chemicals, Mycotoxins, and Nanoparticles in Foods - Jodi Williams
Chemical Hazard Assessment at FDA - Allen Rudman
Update: National Residue Program
- Patty Bennett
Chemical and Allergy Food Safety CDC Perspective - Thomas Sinks

Joint IRAC-JIFSAN Workshop on Listeria monocytogenes Dose Response
Crowne Plaza Hotel - National Airport
Arlington, VA
March 17-18, 2011
Purpose and Background
Breakout Group Questions
Lots of bacteria – few cases: Reopening the Listeria dose-response model black-box - Régis Pouillot
From Experimental Infections in Animals to Quantifying Subtypes in Foods: Data Collection for L. monocytogenes Dose-Response - Yuhuan Chen
Future Advancements: Recommendations from the IRAC-JIFSAN Listeria monocytogenes Dose-Response Workshop - Isabel Walls
Peer-reviewed journal article based on the outcomes of the expert workshop:
Hoelzer, K., Y. Chen, S. Dennis, P. Evans, R. Pouillot, B. J. Silk, and I. Walls. 2013. New data, strategies, and insights for Listeria monocytogenes dose-response models: summary of an interagency workshop, 2011. Risk Analysis. doi: 10.1111/risa.12005. Available at

Susceptible Populations and Food Safety Workshop
Greenbelt Marriot
Greenbelt, MD
Jan. 20-21, 2010

Joint IRAC-SRA-CBER-JIFSAN Symposium on New Tools, Methods and Approaches for Risk Assessment
Renaissance Harbor Hotel
Baltimore, MD
Dec. 10-11, 2009

Public Conference
Risk Assessment, Economic Analysis, and Foodborne Illness Regulations
Nov. 16, 2007

Nutritional Risk Assessment
Bridging Perspectives, Sharing Methodologies, Identifying Data Challenges
Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2007

Relating Microbiological Testing and Microbiological Criteria to Public Health Goals
Oct. 31 - Nov. 1, 2005

Food and Waterborne Pathogen Risk Ranking Models
From Policy to Practice
Aug. 18, 2005

Data Collection and Utilization in Risk Assessment and Management Decisions
Sep. 14, 2004

Symposium on Peer Review of Risk Assessments and Related Activities
Sep. 30, 2003

1st International Conference on Microbiological Risk Assessment
Foodborne Hazards
July 24 - July 26, 2002

Public Meeting FY02
Openhouse of Risk Assessment Activities of RAC agencies
Sept. 18, 2002

Public Meeting FY01
Food Safety Risk Analysis Clearinghouse Data Quality Objectives
Dec. 5, 2000

Public Meeting FY00
Predicting human dose-response relationships from multiple biological models: Issues with Cryptosporidium parvum
Sept. 28, 2000

Public Meeting FY99
Clearinghouse Priorities for Microbial Risk Assessment Data
Sept. 1, 1999

Food Safety Risk Assessment, Users and Needs
Aug. 7, 1998

Public Meetings FY98
Relating Numbers of Foodborne Pathogens to Human Illness
Aug. 4, 1998