IRAC Strategic Plan



The IRAC will be the primary US resource for advancing food and water safety risk assessment to support science based decision making.


The IRAC is a forum for enhanced communication and coordination among US federal agencies and their stakeholders to share knowledge and promote understanding of food and water safety risk assessments and to reduce redundancy in work products.


1)  Improve risk assessment research

  • Identify data gaps and critical research needs for food safety risk assessment
  • Reduce unnecessary research redundancies

2)  Enhance the development and use of risk assessment models and tools

  • Provide a forum to collaborate and share technical expertise in the development of interagency risk assessments.
  • Identify and catalogue risk assessment reports, methods, models, and data sets.
  • Provide advice and serve as a technical resource for member agencies; serve as a forum for the development of interagency risk assessment modeling approaches.
  • Seek expertise from risk assessment professionals and scientists from the public and private sectors, academe, and consumer groups.

3)  Serve as a forum to communicate about risk assessment and related research issues including enhancement of the use of quantitative risk assessment in the decision making regulatory process  


Improve collaboration among agencies and leverage resources

  • Annual public meeting to share information from each agency on their food safety risk assessment activities
  • Co-sponsor meetings with other organizations with an interest in food safety risk assessment (e.g., Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, National Academies of Science, International Association for Food Protection, Society for Risk Analysis, International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods, International Life Sciences Institute, Society for Toxicology, American Public Health Association, American Society for Microbiology, etc.
  • Provide information on IRAC to agency communications departments to share on information booths.
  • Provide opportunities for data collection agencies to work with users of data

Enhance awareness of food safety risk assessment resources

  • Increase our online presence though updating and expanding our webpage (
  • Maintain an easily accessible inventory of food safety risk assessment documents from IRAC member agencies and elsewhere, including guidelines on how to do risk assessments and other tools
  • Maintain a list of emerging issues in food safety risk assessment
  • Maintain a list of food safety risk assessment data gaps and research needs

Serve as a resource for food safety risk assessment peer review.

  • Create a process to provide technical feedback on draft risk assessments developed by member agencies.