FDA-iRISK® 2.0: a Comparative Risk Assessment Tool

FDA-iRISK® is a Web-based, comparative risk assessment tool made available by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It enables users to compare and rank risks from multiple foodborne microbial and chemical hazards and to predict effectiveness of prevention and control measures. Risk managers and other stakeholders can use FDA-iRISK's estimates of public-health impact to inform food-safety policy and management decisions.

FDA-iRISK has many built-in features that allow users to conduct fully quantitative, fully probabilistic risk assessments relatively rapidly and efficiently. This peer-reviewed tool enables users to build scenarios that reflect real-world food safety issues. Users may then compare risks and assess the impact of interventions, for example, by varying the data they enter to explore how changes in various practices in the food chain would affect public-health outcomes. Since the initial launch of FDA-iRISK in 2012, FDA has continued to expand this innovative tool. New capacities in FDA-iRISK 2.0 include advanced modeling features, more ways of reporting results, improved data sharing, and greater ease of use.

The FDA-iRISK 2.0 application can be found at https://irisk.foodrisk.org

Peer-reviewed journal article on FDA-iRISK and case studies on microbial hazards

FDA-iRISK Named a Central Component of EFSA's Risk-Ranking Toolbox

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For more information about FDA-iRISK 2.0, please see FDA's fact sheet for a general audience or a technical audience.

FDA-iRISK 2.0 Webinar

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The recording of the FDA-iRISK 2.0 webinar can be viewed on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bsmj854dmA

FDA-iRISK 1.0 Webinar

A recording of an introductory webinar hosted by JIFSAN and presented on October 4, 2012 is available

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