Center for Food Safety and Security Systems (CFS3) Food Safety Literature Databases

The Director of Center for Food Safety and Security Systems (CFS3), Dr. Robert Buchanan, has been collecting and indexing relevant articles in the area of microbial food safety for the last 25 years. He is making his personal efforts available to the public through

The databases are available in Microsoft Access and are organized in 12 files according to the main subject matter. Once downloaded, the databases can be searched, queried, and used to develop reports using the various capability available within Microsoft Access.

The databases are not intended to be a definitive listing of publications in the area, but rather a selection of relevant articles. It should not be considered the sole source of information for a comprehensive literature review. The databases are updated approximately quarterly so you might not find the most current publications. For updates of the CFS3 databases, please check this section of periodically to download newer versions. Current information on this topic can also be found at database.

Visit the CFS3 website by going to

Database # of Articles Download Last Update
Acid Resistance — Stress Responses 1061 752 KB Jul 1, 2016
Aeromonas spp. 1460 1.3 MB Jul 1, 2016
Bacillus cereus 2518 5.3 MB Jul 1, 2016
Cronobacter 575 1.1 MB Jul 1, 2016
Egg — Salmonella enteritidis 800 692 KB Jul 1, 2016
Escherichia coli 5769 4.8 MB Jul 1, 2016
Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) 173 284 KB Jul 1, 2016
Listeria monocytogenes 7050 6.2 MB Jul 1, 2016
Microbial Statistics 126 608 KB Jul 1, 2016
Predictive Microbiology 1518 1.1 MB Jul 1, 2016
Produce 2732 1.8 MB Jul 1, 2016
Risk Assessment 709 624 KB Jul 1, 2016
Seafood 1552 1.4 MB Jul 1, 2016
Vibrio spp. 1653 1.7 MB Jul 1, 2016